The Ulveryggen (literally: Wolf Ridge) mine is located approx. 425 meters above sea level on the south side of Repparfjord.


The ore at Ulveryggen was discovered at the turn of the century by a person called Monsen. The Swedish company Nordic Grufaktiebolaget got the mining rights in 1903 and received an operating license in 1905.

A road was built to the Bratthammer area 1.5 km southwest of Ulveryggen back in 1913. Around Ulveryggen there were probably dug and blasted out a number of surface trenches for chemical analysis of the ore up in the air, many of which are still visible on the outskirts of the open pit mines.

Investigations took place in the area until 1913, but was then abandoned until the Canadian company Invex Corporation Limited resumed studies in 1955. Again, the rights transferred in 1963, this time to AS National Industry, who continued investigations. Folldal Verk AS took over the rights in 1970 and started up production on the ore in 1972. Calculated reserves were at that time 10 million tonnes of 0.72% Cu. The deposit was in operation until the end of 1978/1979. They produced 3.1 million tonnes averaging 0.66% Cu grade during those years.

Quantities and Estimates

Estimates of the amount of ore in this deposit is continuously updated as analytical results from ongoing exploration activities are available. Based on core drilling and other studies is the final estimate based on the JORC standard of 3.7 million tonnes of indicated resource and 3.9 million tonnes of estimated resources, totaling approximately 7.7 million tons of copper ore. The deposit has a grade of appoximately 0.8%.

Currently it is not found payable amounts of gold and silver, but silver is on the border and have the potential to become payable.


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