Zoning plan

The zoning plan (with ESIA studies) was adopted on March 20, 2014.

Nussir ASA's planned mining and mineral processing was considered to be of such a nature that it required Environmental and Safety Impact Assessments (ESIA) to be submitted with the zoning plan. Sweco has prepared the zoning plan and coordinated the ESIA studies for Nussir ASA. The documents were sent out on public hearing from June to September 2011 and was then sent to Kvalsund municipality for case processing where it was adopted with objections from reindeer husbandry interests and therefore sent to mediation by the County Governor of Finnmark. The mediation did not suceed and the case was therefore forwarded to the Ministry of Environment for final decision. The County Governor of Finnmark rcommended that Nussir be allowed to start their mining as laid out in the zoning plan. The decision was moved from the Ministry of Environment to the Ministry of Local Government and was adopted on March 20, 2014. The Zoning plan with notes can be found below and and the ESIA studies on its own link to the left.

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