The environment

Mining and mineral processing have always had an impact on the environment. That said, we strive every day to make this impact as small as possible. It is henceforth natural to divide impacts into the following categories.

The land

What will be affected here is construction areas for buildings and access roads, Open pit mines, Tunnel entries into underground facilities and waste rock deposits.

Nussir hopes to use as much as possible of existing buildings and roads to limit further construction of buildings and access ways.

Nussir plans to use underground mining which will reduce the amount of waste rock that needs to be deposited. It would also cancel the need for further open pits.

The sea

Affected areas could be the Repparfjord just beside the planned mineral processing plant, depending on the outcome of the pending discharge permit application.

Nussir wish to use a technology which introduces sea water in the tailings before it is pumped out to the exact exit location of the tailings. The mixing in of sea water makes the tailings fall to the bottom instead of rising up and mixing with the sea. This limits the spread of fine particles and also the spread of the deposit itself.

The air

Typical problems is air pollution in the form of chemicals and the spread of particulate matter from mining, roads and mineral processing facilities.

Nussir plan to use a process that would almost have zero pollution in the form of chemical vapours. Furhtermore we wish to have all mineral processing equipment indoors with proper dust control systems for the dry processes. Dust from roads and mining in general can often be reduced using water or salt solution, depending on the scale of the problem. It is important to have continuous measuring of particulate matter on key points around the area.

Sound and noise

This includes sounds from the plant, trucks and other vehicles on the roads and blasting. As previously mentioned, the plant would be fully enclosed limiting the spread of noise from the plant to a minimum.

Trucks and mining vehicles should be of modern quality with less engine noise.

Blasting will mainly be done underground, something which reduces the sonic boom to a slight tremor in the ground.

General aesthetics

All buildings and roads will be immediately visible in the barren landscape around Nussir. That is why we seek to reuse existing buildings and roads as much as possible.


This was just a short introduction. Nussir plans to make public all its material on the environment as soon as it is available. Look at the Publications link to the left.