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Business and possiibilities in Kvalsund municipality.

Kvalsund kommuneTo the right you can see Kvalsund's coat of arms and the location of Kvalsund in Finnmark county.

Kvalsund in brief

Kvalsund is an 1846 km2 municipality on the western coast of Finnmark, which largely consists of pristine and rugged landscapes. Most of the area in the municipality is on the mainland, but 125 km2 is on the island Kvaløya and 85 km2 on the Seiland island. The municipality has about 1000 inhabitants (2011), many live in the town also called Kvalsund which is the administrative center and some live in the Saami village Kokelv, in the bottom of the Revsbotn fjord. The population of Kvalsund has been in decline since 1950, during the period 1950-2004 by 43%. The reason being a sharp decline in employment in the fisheries.

Businesses in Kvalsund are characterized by small businesses of various trades. Primary industries have recently become less important for employment. Tourism, transport, aquaculture, construction and service industries have become more prominent industries. 37% of the working population have jobs outside the municipality, mainly in Hammerfest. The municipality has two hydroelectric powerplants in Porsaelva on the east side of the Vargsundet (a total of 65 GWh of average annual production).

Several major projects are being planned, copper mining (Nussir), wind power and a new regional airport for Hammerfest and Kvalsund.

The municipality has good opportunities for adventures at sea and fjords, lakes and rivers, valleys, mountains and plateaus. Kvalsund is an excellent place for those who want to get close to nature, and is a good starting point for trips to Stabbursdalen and Seiland National Parks. There are several rivers in Kvalsund, and one of Norway's best salmon rivers, Repparfjordelva, runs through the municipality.

The village Skaidi is a hub for salmon fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts and cabin. In winter you can enjoy skiing, ice fishing and snowmobile excursions.

Kvalsund kommune


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