Local involvement

Nussir takes its role in the community seriously.

We believe that the only way we could achieve real success and impart real benefits is to make sure that there is a significant involvement of the community every step of the way.

Our vision of encouraging local involvement is possible in several ways:

  • Running the company outside of “Oslo” and from where it is actually based;
  • Implementing a feedback system that fosters understanding and good communication between the company and the host community;
  • Hiring qualified members of the community and giving them key roles in the operation;
  • Veering away from the conventional method of running the company strictly from the top; and
  • Seeking continuously the techniques, resources and technology that would minimize the environmental impacts of our processes throughout its life cycle.

In short, we want our hosts to be appropriately engaged with our company as much as Nussir wants to be responsibly involved in their community. This two-way participation would strengthen the corporate-community partnership that would ultimately result to economic growth balanced with environmental sustainability.

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