2005 saw the establishment of Nussir ASA, a dynamic mining company aimed to take on the challenges brought forth by the steeply growing demand for copper and other metals in the international market. After a number of judicious researches and tests performed by industry experts, what became the company's flagship project and main asset is the Nussir Field Project in Kvalsund.

Kvalsund is a municipality in the county of Finnmark, located in Northern Norway. Kvalsund is situated between the natural gas-rich town of Hammerfest and Alta, the biggest city in Finnmark. The Nussir Field was discovered in the late 1970's and is the biggest copper deposit ever found in Norway.

Further exploration of its ore has yielded valuable amounts of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in addition to its significant copper deposits. Nussir ASA owns 100% interest in this project's exploration and mining rights.

There are deep-sea, ice-free port; a major highway; high-voltage power lines; and a developing industrial zone already in place. These primary infrastructures offer excellent complements to an integrated operation for the company.

Nussir, with its sustainable mining initiative, is committed not only to the viable harnessing of the rich deposits in the mine but also to the minimal intrusion in our host community's way of life. We take our social responsibility seriously and this is done by engaging local folks in regular fora, prioritizing the human resources in the region and by respecting the nature around it. Because of these, the local authorities and residents in the area are in unison as they welcome the Nussir Project.