The management and administration of Nussir ASA.

Øystein Rushfeldt, M.Sc.


Mining engineer with 28 years of experience from various positions in Norwegian and international mining companies. Employed as technical director and Sauda Plant manager of Eramet Norway AS during 2008-09. During 2004 – 08 managing director of Titania AS a major manufacturer of titanium feedstock. Before that he worked for 8 years at Hustadmarmor AS (now owned by Omea AG) as production engineer, production manager and operations manager, and for 8 years as process engineer at AS Sydvaranger, Norway’s then largest iron ore company.

Rushfeldt is a graduate of the Norwegian Polytechnical University, Trondheim (now NTNU)

Rushfeldt has served as president and chairman of the Norwegian Mining Association.

Eirik Alst


Eirik has for many years been working with finance and investments in different sectors for the investment fund Kap Nord Fond AS.

He has an MBA in International Business from Griffith University, Australia.





Odd-Henning Groven

Project management for Plant and Maintenance

Odd-Henning is currently Managing Director at Langset Engineering AS, but have extensive experience in the mining industry, among other things several years as a operations and maintenance manager at Hustadmarmor AS.



Magne Martinsen, M.Sc.

Chief Geologist

Martinsen has since 2001 worked on evaluating Terra Control AS’ vast geology and assay data archives, with an emphasis on Nussir, and prospecting for new resources, establishing new quarries, etc. Prior to that project manager in mineral exploration for Lundhs Labrador AS (granite, rev. $100m) and Atlantic Richfield Company (now BP). Prior to that senior adviser on mining industrial development to the Norwegian Confederation of Industry (NHO) and the Royal Norwegian Embassy. Also geology consultant to Total, France.



Kjell Nilsen, PhD

Senior Exploration Geologist

Kjell is a Senior Exploration geologist with extensive experience from Norway and other places. Kjell Nilsen was the one who discovered the Nussir ore some decades ago. Kjell is currently working at Promin AS.






Andreas P Lorentzen, M.Tech

Technical Resource Geologist

Andreas is experienced with GIS analysis, geological modelling, drone flying and resource modelling. He is working for Promin AS and a lecturer in GIS at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He is working in close collaboration with geologists in drill campaign planning and with competent persons with regard to resource estimates.





Helge Rushfeldt, M.Tech

Process, Permit and HSEQ Advisor

Tor EmausHelge has more than 15 years of experience in the mining industry in Norway and abroad. He has a master in mineral processing from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) from 2002. He is now the General Manager of Promin AS and have previously been a Process Manager at Hustadmarmor AS, Production Manager at Norwegian Talc AS and R&D engineer at Titania AS.

Helge has been President and Vice President of the Norwegian Mining Association from 2012 - 2015 and the leader of Bergringen, an industry / University / Student collaboration organisation, from 2008 - 2011.


Markus Karlsson, Mining Engineer

Mine Manager

Markus KarlssonMarkus has a mine engineering degree from Helsinki Tekniska Hôgskola in Finland. He has more than 20 years of experience in mine development and operation, both underground and open pit. Sites including; LKAB, Northland Resources AB, Sydvaranger Gruve AS, BDX Företagen AB, Lappland Goldminers OY, Nordic Iron Ore AB and more.




Tor Emaus, Electrical Eng.

Energy Systems Advisor

Tor EmausMaster Engineer electrical enginnering. Tor has 35 years of experience in consulting and power supply. He has been the CEO of Alta Kraftlag (Power supply for the Alta area) for 14 years.










Nussir ASA follows a policy of hiring the best available human resources in the market. As the project moves
closer to investment decision and listing, permanent employment of key positions will take place.